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CEO Insights: Our Technology & Products


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Brown Eggs


Found naturally in animal meats,
Heme plays an active role in meat flavour generation,
catalysing formation of familiar aroma compounds,
for a fuller meat aroma

Spinach Leaves_edited_edited.jpg


For an absolutely vegan choice,
Veme technology adds the extra boost
to the plant-based ingredients that you have


Proprietary Technology Underlying Our Products

Picture Courtesy: DBS Foundation

  • Proprietary extraction and synthesis method from the feedstock to produce pure Heme

  • Proprietary formulation for species-specific meat like flavouring

  • Proprietary plant-based recipe to replicate the flavour and textural profile of meat

Sinigang na Baboy


VEME     Catalyst



Powder-form of tHEMEat juice for easy reconstitution and application into your plant-based products. Reacts with oils, sugars and amino acids to form meaty flavour molecules.

VEME     Vegan Meat Flavouring*


*Flexible application to a range of plant-based texturised proteins, for species-specific flavours

No Patty Square_edited.png
Patty with Juice Square_edited.png


A formulation to give your product the meat flavour it needs. tHEMEat Juice is a reliable and accurate food flavourant and colourant for your easy application

#Hover on image to see impact of tHEMEat Flavour on Vegetable Protein Patty

VEME     Minced Meats


Bacon Bit.jpg


Various application of the bacon bits across cuisines, replicating pork bacon bits using Heme and Veme technology

##Hover on image to fusion of Bacon Bits in our dumplings

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