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Like MEat

with HEME

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Do not Compromise

Tired of plant-based foods that claim to be meat-like but taste like salty plants?
Unable to replicate the animal meat flavour profile?

Explore our Heme and Veme technology that imparts real meaty flavours and replicates the dining experience. 

Green Vegetables Juice

Guilt-Free Choice for all 

Our Heme and Veme are derived from a natural food waste source - eggshells and vegetables - valorising waste at the same time!​ Our Veme are naturally occurring in plants around us.

No animal, plant or yeast cells were genetically modified in the process. Rest assured that all genomes were left intact

No Waste



What world says and sees about us?

Giving food waste a new lease of life: How students turn beer brewing by-products to granola

"For tHEMEat Company, funds will go toward building a pilot plant to extract flavour catalysts from unwanted leafy vegetables and turn them into food flavouring that makes plant-based meat look, cook, smell and taste like the real deal."

"Hear about the journey of the people who are creating impact - for the environment or social or both - with their work. Be inspired by their stories and what keeps them motivated and driven. "

The Liveability Challenge 2024 unveils seven finalists in record-breaking year of entries for climate change and food security

"Seven innovations have been unveiled by The Liveability Challenge (TLC) after a rigorous selection process involving a record number of over 1,000 submissions from more than 100 countries. The seven teams – four under the Climate Change track, three under the Food & Nutrition track – which were chosen for their potential for positive impact in addressing climate change and food security."

The Next Impact Maker
"Unlocking the flavours of plant-based foods with…food waste? Max Tham shows you how"

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